Covid-19 response

We are OPEN!

Many of the CDC recommendations for controlling the spread of COVID-19 are everyday precautions we already take. Here’s what you should know about Lisa's Catering:


  • We are a 100% off premise, made to order caterer (we bring the food to you). We do not have dine-in or walk-up service therefore we can control our sanitary environment much easier than places who serve the public in house, such as a restaurant.

  • We do not use third party delivery services like Uber Eats, Door Dash, etc. which allows us to make sure all our drivers abide by our policies for health and sanitation.

  • Sick staff will be required to stay home, specifically persons who have a fever of 100.4 F or above or other signs of illness will not be admitted to the facility. Staff must complete a health screening daily prior to their shift.

  • Moving forward, all our delivery drivers will put on single use gloves before and after each delivery and will sanitize their hands in between each delivery.

  • Employees must wear masks when they exit the vehicle for the delivery.

  • Social distancing practices have been put into place inside our facility.

  • As always, we will continue to maintain proper handwashing procedures within our kitchen among our culinary team and support staff.

  • Inside, all counters, equipment handles and faucets are being sanitized prior to opening each day and  regularly during hours of operation.

  • All bags and pans that are used to transport food are washed and sanitized thoroughly before being brought back into the kitchen. 

  • As always, all our produce and applicable perishables are washed and stored in accordance with local health code regulations. We are licensed and inspected by Anoka County and our past health inspection reports show our excellent results!

  • Employees are required to leave coats, bags, etc. outside the kitchen. Phones, headphones, etc. must all be sanitized at the point of entry. Outside water bottles, food, etc. are all banned.

  • We have adapted our deliveries to be 100% contactless. Our employees do not enter buildings and drop off outside the entrance at your place of business.


We know that you rely on us for more than just great food and a friendly smile. The health and safety of your workplace, as well as ours, is of the utmost priority to us. We value your business and will continue to go above and beyond to provide the services you need. As always, let us know if you have any concerns or questions.