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Appetizer Menu

*At this time (6/29/2021), we are not currently booking full-service events. All catering events are drop-off only.*

$1.50 each
  • Caprese Skewers

  • BBQ Meatballs

  • Stuffed Mushrooms (Sausage Blend)

  • Turkey and Ham Roll-ups


$2.00 each

  • Antipasto Skewer

  • Chicken Drummies (Honey Dipped or Teriyaki)

  • Fruit Skewer

  • Bruschetta


$3.00 each

  • Cheese and Cracker Tray

  • BBQ Pork Sliders

$4.00 per person per selection
  • Bagel Bite Sandwiches

  • Veggie Tray and Dip

  • Meat and Cheese Tray with Dollar Buns

  • Fruit Tray: Strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple, grapes and watermelon

  • Shrimp Tray:  Premium shrimp with cocktail sauce (Must be ordered in increments of 75)

  • Pretzel Bites with Cheese and Mustard

$6.00 per person per selection

  • Jumbo Hot Dogs and Fixings 

  • Mashed Potato Bar with Toppings

Add assorted chips and dry snacks to any of the above options for just $2.00/person!

* Some appetizers have a minimum quantity of 100 and are only available specific increments.

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