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Childcare FAQ

Q. When did you start catering to daycare and childcare centers?

A: Lisa started catering to her first center in 1991. Our menus are carefully crafted with kids tastes in mind, while also focusing on nutrition. Kids love our food, and the parents and centers do too! We still deliver meals to two centers that have been with us since we started back in 1991.

Q. How do I place my orders?

A: Many centers have a standing order with us for the same number of meals each day and don't have to worry about contacting us unless they are closed or have a change on a specific day.  If you do not want to have a standing order, your order is due by Tuesday at 3:00 pm the week before meal service and can be placed using our convenient online order form: ORDER HERE.

Q.  Do you deliver the food hot to us, or do we have to reheat the food?

A:  We deliver the food in bulk hot and ready for you to serve!

Q.  How do you keep the food warm?

A:  The food is delivered in a insulated bag that will keep the food at or above the proper temperatures for food safety.  

Q.  What are your prices?

A:  Prices start at $3.00/meal plus a daily delivery fee that is calculated based on your centers location. Contact Lisa's for specific delivery fees to your center.

Q.  Do you have a set menu that you rotate?

A:  We have a very large library of recipes that we have developed over the 27 years we have been in business and carefully plan our menus each month based on the season.  Check out some of our past menus for reference here.

Q.  Do you follow the USDA CACFP meal pattern?

A:  Yes, our meals all meet or exceed the USDA CACFP specifications for meal pattern, portion size and content.

Q.  Do you offer pork free meals?

A:  Yes, pork free meals are available upon request. Additional fees may apply.

Q.  I'm ready to start using Lisa's Catering for my center, how do I start?

A:  We can probably start tomorrow if you'd like! Just call (612-298-6886) or email us ( and we'll get you into our delivery route ASAP.  

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