Breakfast Menu
All menu items are served in bulk - individual boxing of meals available for $2.00/meal.


$2.00/person - Donuts, Muffins and/or Croissants (Choice of 2)

$2.50/person - Individually Wrapped Donuts and/or Muffins

$2.50/person - Bagels and Cream Cheese

$2.00/person - Assorted Bite Sized Breakfast Pastries


$5.00/person - Ham and Cheese Egg Bake

$5.00/person - Vegetarian Egg Bake

$5.00/person - Croissant Breakfast Sandwiches (Ham, Sausage or Canadian Bacon)


$2.00/person - Pan Fried Breakfast Potatoes with Onions


$2.00/person - Potatoes O'Brien (Onions and Peppers)


$2.00/person - Choice of Bacon, Ham or Sausage


$3.00/person - Fresh Cut Fruit Tray

$5.00/person - Fresh Cut Fruit Cup (16 oz.)

$4.00/person - Fresh Cut Fruit Cup (12 oz.)

$3.00/person - Fresh Cut Fruit Cup (8 oz.)


$3.00/person - Fruit and Yogurt Parfait



$20/container - Bulk Coffee - 96 oz. - Serves 8 (12 oz. servings)


$1.00/person - Bottled Water


$1.00/person - Bulk Juice (Apple and/or Orange)


$2.50/item - Individual Bottled Orange Juice

Delivery charge may apply   |   15 Person Minimum  |  48 hour notice is required